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“I was able to sit down with a consultant and take my business from idea to reality, step by step. I could not have done it without them!” – Vanessa Riley Lester, Celebrations Event Planning, LLC


 “I found Pacific Coast Regional online, and it was exactly what I needed. They’ll give you all the tools you need to make your business grow.” -  Rey Herrera, Chilanthropy


 Eriberto emphasizes that working with the Pacific Coast Regional SBDC is a two-way street. “Don’t go in there expecting them to hand you this and that. Establish a relationship, go in with an open ear and listen to what they have to say.” – Eriberto Oriol, Forbidden Art LA


 “Myron’s coaching was so valuable. I was thinking everything had to be really complicated, but he made it really simple – ‘This is what they’re looking for, and this is why.’ “ –  Brian Boquecosas, Fundertainment, Inc.


 “They give you so many resources to make sure you succeed.” – Brian Boquecosas, Fundertainment, Inc.


“We talked to several other banks prior to going to the SBDC at PCR. The people at Pacific Coast Regional were the first to listen, look beyond the numbers, find out about the principals and take an approach to see how the deal could be done.” – Betsy Densmore, Great Mex Grill


 “I’m impressed by the range of expertise that their counselors and staff have, and their general willingness to help us with any problem or question we have. We have experienced them as being our partners, not just our lenders.” – Betsy Densmore, Great Mex Grill


 “I can’t tell you how valuable it’s been to be able to bounce things off somebody who’s knowledgeable and experienced. If Gerald doesn’t have the answer, he’ll put us in touch with someone who does.” – Daina Slekys-Trout, Health-Ade


 “Pacific Coast Regional’s assistance was very helpful because I was able to obtain the loan. Production increased, and the business is growing. – Eun Choi, Jaba Trim


 “I learned that despite what many people may think, there are financing opportunities for small business even during a financial crush. The Pacific Coast Regional SBDC taught me the value of financial leverage for the company to take off.” – Mahelia Santibanez, Mahelia Skin Care & Spa


 “Even if you have a business concept in mind, it’s very important to get professional help from businesspeople who know the market. And to get professional help which is also free…I mean, why not?” – Alican Bayar, Mama’s Secret Bakery Café


 “Now that I have an established business, I plan to apply for more loans,” says Bayar, who says the SBDC helped him create accurate financial projections and become “bankable.” – Alican Bayar, Mama’s Secret Bakery


 “In UCLA’s restaurant management program, I worked on our concept, but Pacific Coast Regional is more practical,” says Bayar, who particularly appreciates the Business Advisors’ guidance regarding issues such as permits, licenses, taxes, leases and insurance. “If I hadn’t gone to the SBDC at Pacific Coast Regional, I wouldn’t know this stuff.” – Alican Bayar, Mama’s Secret Bakery


 “We had done a business plan, but they helped us hone and focus on it. They helped us understand what lenders are looking for, then guided us through the process.” – Jonathan Troen, OM Snacks


 We needed help understanding our numbers and how to achieve them,” says Reinhardt. “Myron really spent time with us on our financials. He helped us come up with better figures and really understand the cash flow aspect of our business.” – Sarah Reinhardt, The S’Cream Truck


 “They gave us the confidence we needed to keep moving forward,” says Browne-Gonzalez. – Louise Browne-Gonzalez


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